Eskimo Ice is committed to improve environmental sustainability.

Eskimo Ice does everything it can do to be as operationally efficient as possible, which is the greatest driver of sustainable manufacturing practise. Ice manufacturing is, by its very nature, a resource intensive activity. There are also technical, operational and commercial limitations on what can be achieved in terms of sustainability objectives.

Measurable improvements to improve sustainability include:

Renewable electricity supply

100% Renewable Electricity Supply

100% of our supplied electricity is renewable and has a zero emissions factor for Scope 2 reporting. The electricity backed by UK REGOs or European GoOs, from a blend of sources including hydro, wind, solar, biomass and landfill gas. View our Rego Certificate to learn more.

REGO Certificate (PDF)

Roof Overcladding & Solar Panels

Roof Overcladding & Solar Panels

This project provided enhanced roof insulation as well as full coverage of solar panels, providing up to 200kWh of renewable energy.

2011 new factory in Crawley

Supply Chain Efficiency

Our ‘Universal Optimised Palletisation’ project ensured the best possible supply chain throughput, providing efficiency benefits for both Eskimo Ice and our customers. This reduced our Greenhouse Gas Emissions due to associated haulage by approximately 19%.

2011 new factory in Crawley

Water Recycling

Our onsite reverse-osmosis facility allows us to recycle part of our process water waste, thereby minimising water wastage.

Man delivering ice

Reverse Supply Chain & Waste Recycling

We have onsite baling facilities, as well as reverse supply chain agreements in place, thereby optimising our plastic and cardboard waste recycling.

Man delivering ice


Clearly single-use plastic is a major cause for concern for consumers, customers and manufacturers. Whilst we are doing everything practicable to reduce plastic usage, it should be noted that ice manufacturing provides unique challenges in this area as a product which is wet, frozen and RTE (‘ready-to-eat’).

Our use of plastic in production has been reduced by approximately 24% per case since 2019. We have also incorporated 30% recycled material into our packaging film stocks. As a responsible manufacturer, we continue to monitor technological developments in this area and will continue to reduce the use of virgin polymer as it becomes feasible.

Man delivering ice

Climate Change Agreement

As signatories to the Environment Agency Climate Change Agreement, we are committed to continuously improving our energy efficiency in the medium and long term.