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March 2024

Clarissa’s Transatlantic Row

Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of the crew.
Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of Clarissa.

On 3rd December Clarissa Marks – a Director of Eskimo Ice – set off from Tenerife as a member of a 12-person crew aboard the ocean-going rowing boat Roxy. 44 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes later, they arrived in Antigua, having successfully rowed 2,700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Clarissa explained -
“The start of the journey was probably the most uncomfortable, just getting into the routine of three hours on and three hours off for 24 hours, rowing for 12 hours a day and sleeping for a total of about five. Waving goodbye to family and friends was very emotional knowing there was no contact for the next six weeks."

She is only the 355th woman to complete this challenge.

Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of Clarissa in close quarters.
Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of a sunset.
Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of the crew in the boat.

Biggest Challenge

Learning to live in close quarters with all 12 crew members on board.

The hardest part was sleeping alongside two other crew members in a tiny cabin, which meant no personal space for 44 days!

Highlights of the Trip

Extended time spent outside in nature, an austere but beautiful environment. Encounters with sealife.

Clarissa and crew witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But it was the night skies that were unparalleled to anything that they had previously seen; shooting stars were a nightly occurrence without light pollution from land. The moonlight lit the ocean when it was full, almost like having a light on. Without the moon, however, the crew were rowing in pitch black darkness, which took some getting used to. During the daytime they saw fantastic ocean life; dolphins, whales, flying fish - which even hit the crew occasionally!

Fundraising – Justice & Care

Clarissa would like to thank Ice Club - Eskimo Ice Limited, alongside many business associates and staff who were key donors towards her chosen charity, Justice and Care. The fundraising total reached a staggering £20k, all of which went directly to the charity to assist in their fight against modern slavery and people-trafficking, in the UK and around the world.

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Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of the crew arriving in Antigua.
Clarissas Transatlantic Row - Photo of Clarissa and the crew.

Final Push & Arrival


As New Year arrived the crew of Roxy were only two weeks away from arriving in Antigua. Excitement was slowly brewing and spirits onboard were rising, despite living in permanently wet clothes and with the pain and discomfort of the resultant sores. On their final day at sea, with everything in their favour, they managed to row a record 87 nautical miles. The crew were spurred on by the distant lights of Antigua looming; some even claimed they could smell land! As Roxy approached Antigua she was met by some small boats; one had Founder-Director of Eskimo Ice, Gavin Marks (Clarissa’s husband), and their 4yr old grandson aboard. On making landfall, a big welcome party awaited with some well-earned lunch and rum punches. Well done Clarissa!

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Clarissa says -
“Rowing the Atlantic at 60 has inevitably changed me; one thing for sure is that we are all a lot more capable than we often allow ourselves to be.”

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