Ice Club - Diamond Collection

Diamond Collection

Supersized, Handcrafted, Crystal Clear Ice.

The Ice Club Diamond Collection is handcrafted from raw ice blocks, which are grown carefully over several days using only the purest water. This painstaking process ensures the blocks are frozen with minimal mineral content and air bubbles – this yields perfectly clear, pure ice that looks fabulous and will not introduce unwanted taints or residue into your drink. The Diamond Collection products are manufactured at our dedicated modern facility in West Sussex according to the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Food safety and quality will always be our number one priority.​​

Product Info

Diamond Collection craft cocktail ice is available as three main products:

  • Big Rocks (6x5x5cm ice cubes)
  • Cool Balls (6.5cm diameter spheres)
  • High Cubes (11x4x4cm ice spears/pillars)

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Ice Club - Diamond Collection - Big Rocks - Ice Cubes

Big Rocks

As with all Ice Club products, we cut our Big Rocks from raw ice blocks which are grown carefully over several days using only pure, UV-filtered water. This painstaking process eliminates mineral content and air bubbles, yielding perfectly clear ice that won’t introduce unwanted taints or residue into your drink.

Ice Club - Diamond Collection - Cool Balls - Ice Cubes

Cool Balls

Perfectly spherical and crystal clear, Cool Balls create enchanting effects through light and colour, elevating a simple drink into an artful experience. Ice Balls are the ideal accessory to turn any drink into a real statement: the perfect way to enhance your drinking experience or to impress your guests.

Ice Club - Diamond Collection - High Cubes - Ice Cubes

High Cubes

High Cubes are a relatively new addition to the Diamond Collection, originally cut as a bespoke item for one of London’s top hotel bars. They are designed with long drinks in mind and look fantastic in any highball glass.

Order Enquiries

Ice Club Diamond Collection products are available to order through Eden Farm, a national wholesaler & distributor of frozen and chilled food. For ice delivery to bars, restaurants, hotels, and events across the UK, please register to become an Eden Farm customer by clicking the button below:

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One of Eden Farm’s Sales Executives will be in touch as soon as possible. If you prefer to talk to someone you can call Tel: 0191 586 1111 or Email:

Lift Your Spirits

We understand you are passionate about the quality of the drinks you serve and are always looking for ways to innovate. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to find clear cocktail ice in the UK if you lived outside of Central London. This is why we have developed the Diamond Collection of supersized, handcrafted, crystal clear ice - for discerning drinks specialists. Available nationwide through Eden Farm.

‘Lift Your Spirits’ with the Diamond Collection and the drinks you serve will look and taste fabulous.